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Authentic Products

While Machine-made products have perfect finishes and similar characteristics, machines cannot replicate the authenticity of handmade products. Our Nepali handicraft product have a rich history, and the effort that our trusted supplier and wholesaler has put into creating the masterpieces adds a new layer of depth that is simply uncloneable.

Our Handmade Collection

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  • Beautiful thangka painting of patterns and other figures.

    Thangka Painting

    Traditionally used by Tibetan Buddhist monks to bring the life and teachings of the Buddha to the people through art, Thangka paintings have become a common way to express one’s spiritual journey.

  • small round metal prayer wheels with prayers written on it

    Prayer Wheel

    Spun to accumulate merit and purify karma, especially among Buddhists, prayer wheels have become popular instruments for people during meditation and incantations. 

  • metal singing bowl with a small hammer used for meditation

    Healing Bowls

    One of the most commonly used items in sound therapy, our healing bowls are hand-hammered and carry a rich history to aid you in your journey.

  • authentic tibetan yoga mat for enhancing mindfulness and focus

    Tibetan Yoga Mat

    A yoga mat is essential for practitioners to prevent slipping and maintain balance and stability during various poses.

colorful boho hippie bags worn by a girl

Homegrown and Yet Stylish

Khusi Inc. offers a wide selection of backpacks and rucksacks designed to accommodate your books, clothing, iPads, and virtually anything else that you need to carry. Our store features eco-friendly (biodegradable) options made from natural materials for added durability. Each bag is lovingly handmade with attention to detail and is available in a variety of attractive patterns to enhance your style while being practical for short trips or hikes.

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