• 7 Chakras : Basic Informations

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    7 Chakras : Basic Informations
    There are energy centers in out body which generates and regulates the energy necessary for creating life force. These energy centers are known as Chakras and there are 7 Chakras assigned to different life forces and functionalities. Chakras translated as wheel in Sanskrit says the Chakra System is perpetually in motion along the human body’s spinal column. All 7 Chakras are assigned with distinct color and plays role in building life energy. Assigned to seven different points, 7 Chakras reflects...

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  • Tibetan Prayer Flags, Symbols & Sacred Meanings

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    While traveling on the land of Himalayas, you must have wondered seeing the colorful Prayer Flags fluttering in the wind every another step. You can find these Tibetan Prayer Flags hung on the bridges, passes, roof of the houses and monasteries. Buddhists hang the Prayer Flags in the wind and believes to send out positive energy and happiness. If you got one on your wall or table-top, full of different colors and scriptures, you must know they are not just...

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  • Tibetan Singing Bowl & Healing Process

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    Tibetan Singing Bowl & Healing Process
    Tibetan Singing Bowl is a hand percussion instrument made of alloys of seven auspicious metals. All the seven metals used in making resembles seven various planetary bodies. The seven metals and their planetary associations feature profoundly in alchemical symbolism. Also known as healing bowls, Tibetan Singing Bowl has been practiced in Buddhism to heal the body and mind and practice meditation for ages. The Use of Tibetan Singing Bowl can be traced back to Asia as early as 2500 B.C....

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