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  • evolution of hippie bags

    History of Hippie Backpack

    Traveling in the 1960s and 70s with just a bag became a famous representation of counterculture values embraced by hippies around the globe.  What began as basic fabric pouches transformed...

    Narayan Shrestha |

  • What are the 7 Healing Frequencies?

    What are the 7 Healing Frequencies?

    Introduction We all have an invisible energy field surrounding our bodies known as an aura. Modern science now recognizes how this life force interacts with various vibrational frequencies. Ancient spiritual...

    Narayan Shrestha |

  •  prayer wheel working mechanism

    How does a Tibetan prayer wheel work?

    If you've ever visited a Tibetan Buddhist monastery or temple, you've likely seen colorful cylindrical devices spinning in the wind - these are Tibetan prayer wheels.  Embedded with millions of...

    Narayan Shrestha |

  • What is the tiger's eye good for?

    What is the tiger's eye good for?

    The Tiger Eye Mala, an exquisite necklace made of Tiger Eye gemstone beads, has fascinated spiritual seekers for generations.  Its captivating chatoyant luster and deep brown tones are not only...

    Narayan Shrestha |

  • 4 types of mala

    What are the 4 types of mala?

    For centuries, spiritual seekers have found focused concentration aids to support their meditation practices. Early yogis experimented with hand gestures and breathing techniques to calm the mind. Eventually, they developed...

    Narayan Shrestha |

  • Why are hemp bags good?

    Why are hemp bags good?

    The happy stories told by the patient Earth never stop inspiring optimism. Hemp, one of her most knowledgeable guides, has been misunderstood for a long time, but its benefits lift...

    Narayan Shrestha |

  • How to clean singing bowl

    How to clean singing bowl

    Singing bowls help to create a peaceful atmosphere and uplift our mood. While these ancient instruments promote tranquility, it is important to take regular care of them in order to...

    Narayan Shrestha |

  • Best Tips On How to Play Crystal Singing Bowls

    How to Use Crystal Singing Bowls

    Come and experience the captivating allure of crystal singing bowls. These exquisite instruments are more than just tools; they possess the ability to envelop listeners in transcendent vibrations that resonate...

    Narayan Shrestha |

  • What are Bodhi Seeds Malas

    What are bodhi seeds and how it is used

    In the world of spiritual practices and mindful living, prayer beads or malas have served as a deeply revered tradition across numerous cultures.  Within this array of malas, the Bodhi...

    Narayan Shrestha |

  • Uses of Dzi Beads

    Potential Benefits of DZI Beads

    Dzi beads have a long history and an enigmatic charm, playing a significant role in spiritual and metaphysical traditions. They are thought to hold strong protective and healing qualities, captivating...

    Narayan Shrestha |

  • How to use a Japanese incense burner

    How to use a Japanese incense burner

    The Japanese incense burner, known as Koh-ro, is deeply intertwined with Japanese culture and spirituality. Its storied history and elaborate designs elevate it beyond a simple vessel for burning incense...

    Narayan Shrestha |

  • Tibetan Prayer Flags

    Tibetan Prayer Flags

    In the Himalayas, where majestic mountains and serene scenery meet to create a stunning showcase of nature's beauty, colorful Tibetan prayer flags flutter in the wind. These flags have a...

    Narayan Shrestha |