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What is the tiger's eye good for?

What is the tiger's eye good for?

Narayan Shrestha |

The Tiger Eye Mala, an exquisite necklace made of Tiger Eye gemstone beads, has fascinated spiritual seekers for generations. 

Its captivating chatoyant luster and deep brown tones are not only visually attractive but also believed to possess significant energetic properties. Tiger eye, with its radiant golden stripes, radiates a comforting energy that has long been admired as symbolizing bravery, resilience, and hope.

Amid the hustle and bustle of modern life, stress can burden both the mind and spirit. However, in quiet moments while holding its mala, one is uplifted by the reminder from the tiger eye - we are all walking similar paths together. 

Our shared humanity urges us to continue taking each step faithfully forward and offer a supporting hand to fellow travelers whenever possible.


The Tiger Eye Mala combines the entrancing allure of the Tiger Eye gem with the spiritual significance of prayer beads. Typically consisting of 108 beads, these malas hold deep importance in Hinduism and Buddhism. However, malas with different bead counts are also accessible.

The Tiger Eye Mala is recognized as a sacred and spiritual accessory that bestows blessings upon an individual's life. The valuable and potent Tiger Eye stone is often referred to as "Tiger Eye."

With its base color of brown, this stone resembles the eye of a tiger. This stone Mala is believed to attract Saturn and Jupiter, offering protection from black magic and evil spirits while bringing joy and happiness into an individual's life.

What is the Use of Tiger Eye Mala?

Tiger Eye Malas are primarily used for three purposes:

  • Meditation: By counting the beads and focusing on the mantra (sacred chant), the Tiger Eye Mala helps quiet the mind and achieve a deeper state of meditation.
  • Spiritual Connection: The stone's energetic properties are believed to enhance focus, willpower, and inner strength. Wearing the mala can be a constant reminder of one's spiritual aspirations.
  • Build Confidence: This mala also helps to bring up levels of self-confidence since it is hard to remain confident without a grounded, solid foundation beneath you.

What is the Tiger Eye Good For?

The Tiger Eye Mala is believed to offer a multitude of potential benefits, including

  • The mala supports energy, well-being, and resilience.
  • It boosts self-assurance while reducing fear and stress, allowing you to confront challenges with bravery.
  • It heightens intuition and enhances decision-making abilities. Additionally, it promotes concentration and focus.
  • This gemstone improves blood circulation and hormone balance, beneficial for boosting vitality and revitalization.
  • It provides a protective barrier against negative energies, shielding the wearer from harm. 
  • Being closely associated with the sacral chakra (center of creativity), it also stimulates creativity.
  • By aligning the solar plexus, heart, and third eye chakras, it enhances communication skills and reduces conflicts in relationships. 
  • The tiger eye bracelet is very helpful for mending broken bones and maintaining spinal alignment. 
  • Tiger eye serves as a natural remedy for ailments related to the eyes, throat, and reproductive organs; aiding in toxin elimination, pain relief, and overall healing.
  • It encourages stepping out of one's comfort zone; encouraging shifting perspectives toward finding opportunities within difficulties
  • Additionally, it aids in overcoming addictions such as alcohol or smoking
  • Wearing a tiger eye bracelet attracts love, blessings, luck, and prosperity to those who wear it!

Who Should Not Wear Tiger Eye Stone?

The tiger eye bracelet is considered safe for everyone to wear. It's like wearing a little piece of magic that can bring many benefits to your mind, body, and spirit.

While there are no strict rules about whether or not you should wear it, there may be some cases where it might not be the best fit for you. Therefore, it's always a good idea to seek advice from an expert astrologer before purchasing a specific crystal bracelet. 

The tiger eye stone is associated with the Sun and Mars. If the planet governing your zodiac sign does not align harmoniously with the Sun and Mars, it may be advisable to avoid wearing a tiger eye bracelet. 

For example, Aquarius and Capricorn are ruled by Saturn which opposes the Sun and Mars. However, this recommendation is not an absolute rule.

What do Buddhist Prayer Beads with Tiger Eye Mean?

In Buddhism, prayer beads (also called malas) are used for counting mantras and meditation. While any material can be used for Buddhist malas, Tiger Eye is a popular choice due to its symbolic connections. 

  • The Fearless Guardian: In Tibetan Buddhism, the Tiger Eye is linked with fierce deities who symbolize protection and conquering negativity.
  • The Sixth Chakra: Its golden color aligns with the Third Eye Chakra, believed to be the center of intuition and wisdom.

Using a Tiger Eye Mala in Buddhist practice can signify these attributes and serve as a prompt to nurture them on the spiritual path.


The Tiger Eye Mala is more than just a beautiful necklace. It's a powerful tool for meditation, a source of inspiration, and a symbol of strength and protection. 

Whether you're seeking to deepen your meditation practice, tap into your inner strength, or simply appreciate the beauty of the stone, the Tiger Eye Mala can be a valuable companion on your spiritual path.  

Remember, approach its potential benefits with an open mind and explore its use intuitively.

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