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Fine art hand carve chakra tibetan singing bowls set .

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Handmade and Hand-hammered in Nepal by professional artisans.
- Consists of 7 Chakra Healing Tibetan Singing Bowl one for each energy centers allocated in our body.
- The 7 Chakra Healing Tibetan Singing Bowl are painted in the color of the related Chakra.
- The Chakra Symbol for individual Chakra Bowls are carved inside of the Singing Bowl.
- Produces highly enriching sound and keeps resonating for long time.
- Consists of seven playing mallet and soft silk resting cushion for each Singing Bowl.
- Comes in Khusi Standard Packaging with three-layered protective Silk Box.
- The Box helps you carry your instruments while traveling and on your vacations.
- Tested by professionals for Sound Healing and Chakra Activation.
- Serves as perfect spiritual gift to your loved ones.

Set Includes:
- 7 Chakra Colorful Tibetan Singing Bowl sets
- 7 Rosewood Mallet
- 7 silk cushion for individual Chakra Bowl
- Packed in Silk Hand Carriage Box for travel and safety

Diameter : 3 in.
Height : 1.75 in.
Weight. : 225 gm. (each)
Tital Wt. : 3 Kg.

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