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Fine art hand carve chakra tibetan singing bowls set .

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Indulge your senses in the symphony of art and sound with our Fine Art Chakra Tibetan Singing Bowls, crafted by skilled artisans in Nepal.


  • 100% authentic, hand-made, and hand-hammered in Nepal by skilled artisans.
  • Allocated for each energy center, fostering spiritual experience.
  • Produces a highly enriching sound that resonates for an extended period.
  • It comprises seven Chakra Colorful Tibetan Singing Bowl sets, 7 Rosewood Mallets, and seven silk cushions. 
  • Arrives in a Silk Hand Carriage Box for easy travel and safekeeping.
  • Each bowl has a diameter of 3 in., a height of 1.75 in., and a weight of 225 gm., with a total set weight of 3 Kg.


  • Perfect for gifting to loved ones, offering a meaningful and spiritual present.
  • Supports holistic well-being through Chakra healing and sound resonance.
  • Professionally tested for healing and activation.


  • Each bowl weighs 225 gm., and the total set weight of 3 Kg may be heavy.
  • Bowls have a diameter of 3 in., which may be small for those seeking more giant singing bowls.

Perfect for personal practice or as a thoughtful gift, this set is a testament to the craftsmanship and spirituality of Nepal.

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