Old Tibetan Singing Bowl with Wooden mallet, silk cushion

Old Tibetan Singing Bowl is a bronze-tone masterpiece designed for easy play.


  • Includes Wooden Mallet and Hand-Sewn Non-Dampening Pillow.
  • Intricate hand-carved Tibetan Buddha (TARA) and mantra mandala reflect the beauty of metal craftsmanship.
  • The bowl’s magnificent sound and exquisite looks evoke simplicity and calmness.
  • Handy, this bowl fits seamlessly into your daily routine. 
  • It produces pure layered tones with impressive precision at home, in the office, or during yoga and meditation sessions.
  • Hand-hammered and crafted by devoted artisans from Nepal. 
  • The set includes a beautiful mallet for enchanting sounds and a hand-sewn designer cushion stabilizing vital tones.


  • Hand-selected and inspected by the healer for each singing bowl to ensure exceptional quality.
  • Carefully packaged and delivered with a unique hand-swing silk brocade 3-layer permanent carry bag.


  • Variability in pillow color and patterns may be problematic for those with specific preferences.
  • Some users might prefer a smaller or larger size based on personal preference.

Elevate your meditation and bring serenity into your space with our 8” Hand-made Tibetan Singing Bowl—an embodiment of artistry, tradition, and harmonic resonance.

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