Vintage Tibetan Singing Bowl with Mallet and Silk Cushion

Elevate Your Harmony with our 7.5” Hand-Hammered Vintage Tibetan Singing Bowl.


  • Easy-Play Wooden Mallet and a Hand-Sewn Non-Dampening Pillow offer a complete harmonic journey. (Pillow COLOR & PATTERNS may vary, adding a touch of uniqueness to each set.)
  • It is adorned with a hand-carved Tibetan Buddha (Vairochana Buddha) lotus on the bottom, mantras, and Buddhist auspicious symbols carved outside.
  • Designed for versatility, this bowl fits seamlessly into various settings—at home, in the office, or during yoga and meditation sessions. 
  • It produces pure layered tones and precision comparable to its larger counterparts across Tibet.
  • Hand-hammered and crafted by skilled Nepalese artisans and devotees, ensuring authenticity and a touch of cultural richness. The beautiful mallet, perfectly sized, produces enchanting sounds that still the mind.
  • The hand-sewn designer cushion showcases the bowl and stabilizes the vital tones.


  • Each singing bowl is meticulously hand-selected and inspected by our healer to ensure top-tier quality. 
  • Carefully and securely packaged before shipping, it comes with a unique hand-sewn silk brocade 3-layer permanent carry bag crafted for a delightful experience.


  • The pillow color and patterns may vary, which may not match personal preferences.
  • Users seeking a giant singing bowl for a more pronounced resonance may find this size on the smaller side.
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