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How to Use Crystal Singing Bowls

Best Tips On How to Play Crystal Singing Bowls

Narayan Shrestha |

Come and experience the captivating allure of crystal singing bowls. These exquisite instruments are more than just tools; they possess the ability to envelop listeners in transcendent vibrations that resonate with the very essence of our planet. 

With dedicated practice, anyone can learn to skillfully evoke enchanting melodies from these extraordinary creations. Join us as we unveil the profound pleasures of engaging with these celestial wonders.


Some folks call them "Tibetan bowls" from the tall mountains or "rin gongs" in Japan. No matter the name, they sit on the ground instead of hanging up.

The metal bowls were used long ago by monks for chanting and resting their thoughts. Now people worldwide use them for feeling better, praying, and relaxing.

Artisans in Nepal and parts of India still make them the old way. The ones from high in the Himalayas are the most famous.

Today you can find mainly two types of singing bowls in the market: crystal bowls that ring clear like water and handmade Nepalese singing bowls made of different metals to echo old prayers and roots that ground us.

Try each and see which helps you feel at peace. Let the music lift your worries away, friend. You'll feel lighter after time with these singing friends.

Crystal Singing Bowls

Crystal Yoga singing bowls and handmade Nepalese bowls each have their charm, so feel free to explore which best resonates with your intentions. Let's see what makes these sublime instruments sing.

Crystal bowls hail their notes straight from the earth's stony heart. Quartz bowls produce a clear, high tone to soothe frazzled nerves into calm focus. Their ringing carries one far within on waves of healing sound. Glass bellsongs born of molten minerals resonate earthier overtones, lulling tension from tense frames into receptive stillness.

Nepalese Singing Bowls

Hand-hammered in ancient Nepalese traditions, these bowls birth beauty from baser metals. Alloys including seven sacred metals give each instrument its unique character. Crafted through generations of spiritual practice, they echo the harmonies of mantra and prayer even for those new to mysteries of the soul. Their grounding undertones uphold through life's storms like wise elders sharing sheltering embraces.

Our choices depend on the needs of the moment. Crystal for clarity and lifted meditation, Nepal brass when roots demand nourishing. Together they fortify body and spirit against life's turbulence. With regular communion, they teach patience as clay in a potter's hand, revealed in radiance through regular playing and polishing away impurities.

Regardless of material, all bowls serve the same purpose - transporting listeners beyond surface troubles into shared spaces of peace. 

Now that we got to know about singing bowls, let’s look at how to best play and take care of your precious bowls.

Best Tips On How to Play Crystal Singing Bowls

Crystal singing bowls act as a resonating vessel to amplify your intentions. The best bowls sing clearly when made of quartz, sound glass, or Tibetan alloys. Hold your chosen bowl in cupped palms and allow its cool touch to calm your spirit. Gently stroke the rim with the soft mallets provided until it rings out sweetly according to your will. Play but a few notes or carry on the song - let the bowl's tone guide your state of being.

With regular tuning, your bowl will hum in perfect harmony with your needs. Wipe with a soft cloth between playing to clear residue and reveal its true voice. Store standing upright or laid flat, both respecting the crystal. Leave in moonlight or sunlight periodically to replenish depleted energies. Speak an affirmation into the bowl to manifest positive outcomes for mind and soul.

When ready to share, select a calm environment and invite relaxation. Explain the healing properties of sound vibrations without expectations of understanding. Simply allow listeners to receive the crystalline offering without judgment or goal. Your role is simply as a conduit - leave interpretation to personal experience. Play short or long, simple tunes or freeform flows - go where the tones intend to transport you and your companions.

These are but a few ways to begin communing with singing crystal bowls. Experiment freely and observe subtle differences each discovers. With practice listening to their wisdom, you'll wield these instruments as skillfully as the waves themselves. Most of all remember their purpose - to uplift with peaceful presence. May your sound journeys ever flow as such.

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