8” Hand-hammered Zen Tibetan Singing bowl

Dive into the aura of our 8” Hand-hammered  Zen Tibetan Singing Bowl, meticulously crafted by skilled handicraft experts as a precious gift from the Himalayas of Nepal.


  • The Singing Bowl set includes a PENCIL-GRIP mallet for effortless playing and a cotton cushion for precise positioning.
  • A perfect Meditation kit for individuals seeking to practice MINDFULNESS, ZEN, and CHAKRA Healing. 
  • This soothing stress-relief instrument caters to all age groups.
  • Each bowl is meticulously chosen by hand and professionally tested for a mesmerizing auditory experience. 
  • Encased in the reliable KHUSI INC. Standard Packing.


  • Enhanced Decorative Element: The bowl’s antique design adds a touch of elegance, serving as a standout decorative piece in any setting.


  • Size Consideration: The 8-inch size may be less compact for those seeking a highly portable meditation kit.

Embark on a journey of serenity with our 8” Antique Hand-hammered Tibetan Singing Bowl – an embodiment of craftsmanship and therapeutic resonance, brought to you by KHUSI INC.

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