108 beads Tiger's Eye Necklace Citrine Mala Pyrite Gemstone

Our 108 Beads Tiger’s Eye Necklace Citrine Mala Pyrite Gemstone is a fusion of Tiger’s Eye, Citrine, and Pyrite gemstones meticulously crafted to emanate positive vibes.


  • The star of this mala, Pyrite, is renowned for creating a protective shield around the wearer. 
  • It protects against negative energies, promoting mental and emotional well-being.
  • This stone is a reputed money magnet, helpful for those seeking financial prosperity.
  • This shimmering golden stone is your miracle worker if you are a Leo. 
  • It fosters a harmonious flow of energy, promoting physical well-being and emotional resilience by stimulating the second and third chakras of the body.


  • It helps to transform personality and build leadership qualities.
  • It protects from negative energy and environmental pollutants.


  • Some individuals may experience skin irritation to Pyrite. It will be best to test for sensitivity before wearing.
  • Charging Pyrite in sunlight or moonlight is necessary to maximize its potential.
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