8.5” Hand Engrave Ganesh ,OM and mantra Tibetan healing Singing bowl

Our 8.5” Hand Engraved Ganesh, OM, and Mantra Tibetan Healing Singing Bowl is a masterpiece intricately crafted as a piece of art for meditation, yoga, relaxation, sound therapy, healing, and treatment.


Beautifully hand-carved Ganesh and Divine Hindu mantras adorn the inside, while Tibetan mantras and symbols surround the outside. 

The high resonance of this Zen Tibetan singing bowl balances chakras relaxes the mind and body, and relieves stress. 

Produces two resonances, creating a frameless meditation experience.

Pure sonic waves promote complete relaxation, relieve pain and depression, and have proven benefits for various diseases.


  • Sacred Symbols: Ganesh, OM, and Mantras carved inside and outside, adding a spiritual and aesthetic dimension.
  • Master Healing Bowl: Known for its long meditative resonance, it balances chakras and promotes relaxation and relief.
  • Versatile Use: Suitable for meditation, yoga, sound therapy, and healing practices.


  • Individual Preference: While appreciated for its spiritual carvings, personal taste may vary.
  • Weight Consideration: Weighing 1.25 kg may be slightly heavy for users seeking a lighter option.

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