Luxury Certified hand loom cashmere trousers

Luxury Certified, Hand-Loom Cashmere Trousers from KHUSI INC provides the unmatched comfort of 100% pure cashmere, carefully hand-loomed to accentuate its unique characteristics. 


  • Material: Crafted with 100% pure cashmere for unparalleled softness and luxury.
  • Production Process: Meticulously hand-loomed, showcasing the unique qualities of each pair.
  • Fit and Design: Tapered for a modern look, with an adjustable drawstring for a proper fit.
  • Finishing:Adding aesthetic appeal and a secure, cozy finishing fit.
  • Speckled Fabric: Unique design for a touch of individuality in your loungewear.
  • Easy Care: Hand wash for effortless maintenance and extended garment life.


  • Top-Tier Quality: 100% cashmere without additions ensures exceptional luxury.
  • Durability: Quality cashmere offers longevity, lasting over a decade with proper care.
  • Superior Softness: Unmatched comfort against the skin for a luxurious experience.


  • Premium Pricing: Reflects the top-tier quality, making it an investment in luxury.
  • Delicate Care: Hand-loomed Cashmere may require extra care to preserve its condition.
  • Limited Availability: Due to meticulous production, quantities may be limited.

KHUSI INC invites you to experience the finest craftsmanship, ensuring a decade of unmatched warmth and style. Your satisfaction is our commitment.

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