Artistic hand engraved Tibetan Meditation flower design singing bowl

Khusi Tibetan Meditation singing bowl set with Artistic hand engraved flower Design Singing bowl with Mallet, cushion and beautiful permanent carry on packing case.
Feature of the Set

~ CENTER YOURSELF: In a world Full of chaos, we often forget the importance of staying grounded .Often our busy schedules don’t allow time to do relaxing activities like yoga or reading or soaking in a bath. That’s why Khusi Inc. crated our flower of life singing bowl just a few minutes a day can help give you the self-refreshment .

~ HOW IT WORKS : Originating in ancient Asia ,singing bowls have been widely used for their healing and calming properties .This sound healing instrument has an extraordinary effect by filling the Metal bowl with water and positioning it on a ring stand .Using a wood mallet with a suede end ,gently run the fabric along the edge of the ceremonial bowls. The reaction causes a deep , smooth noise that causes vibrations in the water .The synergy of the water and sound lends itself to feeling . Place the bowl on your palm. Just strike on the edge of the bowl with suede part of mallet or rotate around the edge of the bowl .You will get extremely deep meditative sound (resonance).

~ IMPECCABLE WORKMANSHIP : The Khusi Tibetan singing bowl set is locally sourced in Nepal and each piece has it’s own unique character. This sound bowls has a depth of 3.5 inch and circumference is 5.5 inch ,making them more user friendly and easier to produce a vibration sound (resonance ) especially for beginners. Using premium quality brass ,wood, suede and silk, this meditation kit guarantees long-lasting durability and functionality.

~ GORGEOUS AESTHETICS AND DESIGN : Each of our chakra singing bowl features a gorgeous flower of life pattern that gives these meditative pieces a stunning appearance .Coupled orange cotton satin cushion ,hand embroidery divine mantra OM and beautiful hand sewing 3 layers protection carry bags with holding loops and black suede- tipped artistic Wooden mallet .This collection exudes old-wide elegance and beauty .So, aside from its therapeutic and healing properties, our Tibetan ceremonial set seamlessly elevates the vibe and motif of any room .The Khusi bowl creates the perfect coffee table desktop, office or home decor .

~THE PERFECT GIFT SET : Particularly for those who value ancient traditions and natural healing techniques, our this Gorgeous Tibetan singing bowl set is versatile enough for birthday, anniversaries, graduations, weddings housewarmings, and even baby showers or just keep it for you own spiritual growth and centering .

~ Easy to play and long meditative resonance.

~ If there is any reason that you are not satisfied with product, don’t worry we offer you 1 month 100% money back guarantee.


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