Artistic hand engraved Tibetan Meditation flower design singing bowl

Elevate your meditation practice with our Artistic Hand Engraved Tibetan Meditation Flower Design Singing Bowl. 


  • Artistic Hand Engraved Flower Design. 
  • This set includes a mallet, cushion, and a beautiful permanent carry-on packing case.
  • Rooted in ancient Asia, these singing bowls have healing and calming properties. 
  • Locally sourced in Nepal, each bowl is unique, with a user-friendly depth of 3.5 inches and a 5.5-inch circumference. 
  • Crafted from premium brass, wood, suede, and silk, ensuring durability and functionality.
  • It is adorned with a captivating flower-of-life pattern and an orange cotton satin cushion.
  • It also includes a hand-embroidered divine mantra OM, a 3-layer protection carry bag, and an artistic wooden mallet. 


  • Artistic Elegance: The engraved flower design adds a unique touch, making it a beautiful decor piece.
  • Versatile Gift: Suitable for birthdays, anniversaries, graduations, weddings, housewarmings, or as a personal spiritual companion.
  • Therapeutic Properties: Beyond aesthetics, the set offers therapeutic and healing benefits.


Requires Water Setup: Filling the bowl with water for optimal sound production may be an additional step for some users.

Size Consideration: The 5.5-inch circumference may be more significant for those seeking a more compact singing bowl.

Crafted with care, this set is not just an instrument but a visual and auditory delight.

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