7 Chakras Professional Tibetan Singing Bowls Set with Tuned Notes

Majorly used for Sound Healing, and Chakra Meditation, this Bronze Metal 7 Chakras Healing Tibetan Singing Bowl is widely used by professionals. Also, beginners can use this for their day-to-day singing bowl meditation practice. The notes for 7 Chakras Professional Tibetan Singing Bowls Set are Tuned corresponding to 7 Chakras of our body. This set of 7 Chakras Singing Bowls comes in variation of range of sizes available. 



  • 7 Chakras corresponding tuned notes for Sound Healing and Chakra Balancing.
  • Hand-hammered and made with Bronze Metal for healing purpose.
  • Professional meditation and healing instrument which can be easily played and experienced by beginners.
  • Each singing bowls are individually hands selected and tested by a professional healing master for quality sound.
  • Complete 7 chakra healing singing bowl set. 
  • We are offering you for our KHUSI "delighted treaty " from lap of Himalayas of NEPAL.
  • Covered with 30-days return policy. See here.

About the 7 Chakras Professional Tibetan Singing Bowls Set with Tuned Notes:

The fine-tuned 7 Chakras Singing Bowls sing very effortlessly and produce a rich, harmonic, and soothing sound that lasts for a long duration. They can be played so easily, and with their tuned notes it is suitable from beginners to professionals. The tuned notes of 7 Chakras Singing Bowls sets when played together, they produce energetic and vibrating sounds which provided stress-free relaxation and feeling of serenity. These singing bowls have been used for meditation, music, relaxation, well-being, healing energy, and chakra activation, etc. They are used by a wide range of professionals, including health professionals, schoolteachers, musicians, and spiritual teachers.

Singing bowls are used in health care by psychotherapists, massage therapists, cancer, and stress and meditation specialists. They are used to help treat various mental health related problems and for post-traumatic stress disorder. They are popular in classrooms to help facilitate group activities and focus students' attention.

These 7 Chakras Tibetan Singing Bowls set are hand-crafted with precise techniques by arisans from Nepal. Every single singing bowls are tested by professionals for tuned noted to make this set prime Chakra Healing and Sound Meditation kit. This 7 chakras Singing Bowls & notes tuned set includes seven tuned singing bowls, 7 strikers (mallets), and 2 gong sticks to facilitate your experience. Also, there are hand-sewn cushion, and it comes in a proper gift packaging in your order. 


Measurement of the singing bowl set:
Circumference: - 4.5 Inch to 11 Inch
Height:-8.5 Inch (Bigger singing bowls)
Weight:-8 kg (only weight of 7 bowels), 10.85 kg (including sticks and cushions)

(Note: Please note that handcrafted singing bowls may have slight variations in measurements, the measurements listed here are close approximations.)

Included in the set:
- 7 Set of the Chakra Healing Singing Bowls
- 5 wooden strikers including 1 gong stick
- 7 Cushions ( made of silk )


Wooden striker
Rosewood and suede (suede side for gonging (vibration resonance) and wooden side to scrub around the edge of the bowl (for sound )

7 chakra colour Hand sewing velvet cushion with hand embroidery.


Crafted by Hands in Nepal.


We welcome your custom designs, you can send a message to us with your requirement, and you can contact us for wholesale.

Thank You,
Khusi family!


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