7 Chakras Singing Bowls Notes

7 Chakra fine notes  Singing Bowl from Nepal.


  • Intricately carved chakra symbol, adding a touch of spirituality to your meditation experience.
  • Clear resonance that creates a profoundly enriching sound for an extended period.
  • Includes mallets and soft silk cushions designed to complement the characteristics of the individual singing bowls.
  • Khusi Standard Packaging to safeguard your bowls in style with a three-layered Silk Box.
  • Tested by professionals, guaranteeing Sound Healing and Chakra Activation.

Set Components:

  • 7 Chakra Healing Harmony Resonance Meditation Bowls
  • 7 Rosewood Mallets
  • 7 Silk Cushions, each tailored for individual Chakra Bowls
  • Securely packed in a Silk Hand Carriage Box for travel convenience and instrument safety.


  • Diameter: 3 in.
  • Height: 1.75 in.
  • Weight: 225 gm. (each)
  • Total Weight: 3 Kg.

Dive into a transformative journey with our 7 Chakra Healing Tibetan Singing Bowl Meditation Set, where each bowl corresponds to a specific Chakra, painted in its associated color and adorned with its unique symbol. Tuned to activate the body’s energy centers, healers have expertly examined these singing bowls for both sound and chakra alignment.

When played at the right frequency, these Musical Meditation instruments unlock energy flow within your body. The ambiance created by the Chakra Healing Tibetan Singing Bowls clears the mind with resonant tones, fostering a meditative environment that alleviates stress and promotes contentment.


  • Spiritual Enhancement: Each bowl includes chakra symbols for an immersive meditation.
  • Quality Sound: Professionally tested for clear resonance, providing a prolonged and enriching sound experience.
  • Complete Set: The set includes mallets and silk cushions tailored for each bowl, ensuring a comfortable meditation session.


  • Weight: At 225 grams each, the bowls may be slightly heavier for extended use.
  • Size: With a diameter of 3 inches, the bowls may feel small for those seeking larger instruments.

Trust in the expertise of our healers and elevate your meditation practice with the power of sound and spirituality. Choose our brand for a harmonious journey

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