Amitabha Buddha ,Tibetan Thanka hand panting 24 k gold art

Our Amitabha Buddha Tibetan Thangka is an authentic masterpiece meticulously hand-painted with 24k gold accents. 


  • Transcendental Beauty: The Thangka portrays Amitabha, the “Buddha of Infinite Light,” in Sukhavati, the realm of bliss. Seated in meditation, his hands gesture openness while the artwork beautifully captures the dissolving form into radiant light rays.
  • Spiritual Significance: Amitabha embodies the transformation of passion into luminous awareness. The Thangka serves as a visual representation of enlightened consciousness, symbolizing the potential for all beings to achieve a higher state.
  • Professional Craftsmanship: Each detail is expertly composed, and 24k gold is intricately used to enhance the divine beauty of the painting.


  • Sacred Energy: Ideal for house decoration, this Thangka emanates positive vibes, fostering a serene and spiritually charged environment.
  • Unique Gift: Bestow upon your loved ones a meaningful and artistic gift with spiritual depth, perfect for any occasion


  • Specific Size: The Thangka comes in a size (50x50 cm), and customers should consider their available space before purchasing.
  • Delicate Handling: Due to the intricate 24k gold detailing, gentle handling is recommended to preserve the integrity and beauty of the Thangka.
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