Handmade 925 Sterling Silver pendent Necklace with Moonstone gemstone

Our Handmade 925 Sterling Silver Pendant Necklace features the mesmerizing Moonstone gemstone.


  • Sterling Silver Elegance: Crafted in Nepal with solid sterling silver stamped 92.5%, this pendant embodies precision and passion, making it a flawless accessory for daily wear.
  • Enchanting Moonstone: The pendant boasts an absolutely flawless Moonstone, radiating ethereal beauty and connecting you to fertility and sensuality.
  • Versatile Wear: Perfect for daily use or as an exquisite accessory for work, it suits various styles.
  • Thoughtful Gift: An ideal present for special occasions such as Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Day, Anniversaries, Valentine's Day, and Birthdays.


  • Empowering Symbolism: Moonstone’s association with the inner goddess brings forth increased intuition, offering a unique blend of style and positive energy.
  • Everyday Luxury: Lightweight at 6 grams, the pendant provides a luxurious feel suitable for everyday wear, making it a versatile addition to your jewelry collection.


  • Sensitive to Chemicals: To maintain the brilliance of the Moonstone, avoid exposure to harsh chemicals that may impact its luster over time.
Delicate Design: The intricate design may be perceived as delicate, requiring gentle handling to prevent bending or damage.
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