9” Antique Hand-hammered Tibetan Singing bowl for Zen Practice

Bring happiness in your meditation session with our 9” Antique Hand-Hammered Tibetan Singing Bowl. 


  • Includes a suede-wrapped mallet, a felt-made gong stick, and a luxurious silk cushion. 
  • It is a perfect meditation kit for mindfulness, Zen, and chakra healing practitioners.
  • This antique bowl adds a unique look to your meditation space and is functional and decorative.
  • Hand-selected and professionally tested, our singing bowls undergo rigorous quality checks to ensure an impeccable sound experience. 
  • Every bowl is encased in KHUSI INC. standard packing, guaranteeing authenticity and excellence.


  • Versatile Playing Options: The set provides versatile options to explore a range of sounds and tones during your meditation sessions.
  • Silk Perfection: The beautiful silk cushion ensures a secure position for your singing bowl.
  • Portable Elegance: The hand-sewn silk permanent carry bag allows you to carry the Zen experience anywhere. 


  • Size Consideration: Individuals seeking a larger bowl for a more resonant sound may find the 9-inch size slightly compact. 

Let the enchanting tones of Zen practice with the 9” Antique Hand-Hammered Tibetan Singing Bowl from KHUSI INC guide you to deeper mindfulness.

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