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7 Chakra Singing Bowl Meditation Set

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Introducing our exclusive 7 Chakras Singing Bowls set – a perfect fusion of aesthetics and therapeutic sound. When played at the right frequency, these Musical Meditation instruments unlock energy flow within your body.


  • An intricately carved chakra symbol adds a touch of spirituality to your meditation experience.
  • Each bowl corresponds to a specific Chakra, painted in its associated color and adorned with its unique symbol.
  • Activates the body’s energy centers and balances chakra alignment through sound.
  • Includes 7 Chakra Healing Harmony Resonance Meditation Bowls.
  • Includes 7 Rosewood Mallets to complement the characteristics of the individual singing bowls.
  • 7 Silk Cushions, each tailored for individual Chakra Bowls.
  • Securely packed in a three-layered silk hand carriage box for travel convenience and instrument safety.


  • Tested by professionals, guaranteeing Sound Healing and Chakra Activation.


  • A 3-inch diameter may be too compact for some.
  • It may be troublesome to carry 3 kgs of set everywhere.

The ambiance created by the Chakra Healing Tibetan Singing Bowls clears the mind with resonant tones, fostering a meditative environment that alleviates stress and promotes contentment.

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