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7 Chakra Healing Tibetan Singing Bowl Meditation Set

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About 7 Chakra Healing Tibetan Singing Bowl ~ Set of seven meditation bowls:

- The Chakra Symbol for individual Chakra Bowls are carved inside of the Singing Bowl.
- Produces highly enriching sound and keeps resonating for long time.
- Consists of seven playing mallet and soft silk resting cushion for each Singing Bowl.
- Comes in Khusi Standard Packaging with three-layered protective Silk Box.
- The Box helps you carry your instruments while traveling and on your vacations.
- Tested by professionals for Sound Healing and Chakra Activation.
- Serves as perfect spiritual gift to your loved ones.

Set Includes:
- 7 Chakra Healing Colorful Tibetan Singing Bowl sets
- 7 Rosewood Mallet
- 7 silk cushion for individual Chakra Bowl
- Packed in Silk Hand Carriage Box for travel and safety

Diameter : 3 in.
Height : 1.75 in.
Weight. : 225 gm. (each)
Total Wt. : 3 Kg.

This 7 Chakra Healing Tibetan Singing Bowl Meditation Set consists of 7 sets of Meditation Bowl each assigned to a single Chakra. Every Single Singing Bowls are painted with their associated Chakra color and are carved with the individual Chakra Symbols. The 7 Chakra Singing Bowl tuned in the frequency to activate the chakra in our body. They are tested by professional healers for Sound and Chakra Healing.

The Chakra Healing Singing Bowl is Musical Meditation instrument when played on certain frequency activates the chakra hence, flow of energy in your body. You will feel relaxed and mindful during Sound Healing Singing Bowl session. The Chakra Healing Tibetan Singing Bowl creates ambiance in the environment and clears the wind with the resonance. This generates a meditative environment and helps you release stress and makes you feel content.

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