7" Hand-Hammered & Hand-Carved Tibetan Singing Bowl for Meditation

About Divine Singing Tibetan bowl 

These bowls are made by hand by traditional way of bowel making process in Himalaya. These singing bowls are individually hand selected by professional healing master to ensure their best healing properties. These exclusive healing masterpieces are carefully made for long lasting and powerful sounds. Traditionally, the bowls were made of seven sacred metals, corresponding to the seven planets. The highest lamas used these bowls as ritual offerings to their gods and deities, and some believe the highest lamas used these bowls for rituals to travel to another level of consciousness, but it was forbidden to talk about these bowls, even within monasteries itself.

  • Genuine Handmade Tibetan singing Bowel Crafted by traditional artisans delivered directly from the lap of Himalayas of Nepal.
  • Long meditative resonance in single strike.
  • Perfect Sound Healing Instrument.
  • The sound is able to calm the mind as the mind will constantly float along with sound wave ,hence the name mediation and healing bowl .
  • A piece of art this Singing bowl has special hand engraved Meditation Buddha "OM mane padhme hum" Mantra as in picture. So it’s a piece of art rather than just a singing bowl. 
  • Perfect Meditation kit Perfect meditation instrument to practice Zen, Sound and Chakra Healing, and meditation to promote compassion and inner balance.
  • Set Includes Pencil grip wooden mallet for harmonic resonance .A silk hand sewing cushion for placing your bowel during play session and comes in beautiful 3 hands sewing silk carry bag with hand loops.
  • Performance Serves as ideal spiritual gift to your loved ones and could be used as living space decorative to build ambience in the environment.
  • Assuring for quality Individually Hand Selected and Tested by Professional Healing master in our healing center Nepal.
  • We promise you that you will not have to be disappointed with our Tibetan singing bowl if you are looking for Authentic Himalayan Tibetan singing bowl.

Diameter of singing bowls : 7 inch
Height of singing bowls : 3.5 inch
Weight Weight of singing bowls : 1100 gram(only bowl) (1200grams with striker and cushion)

7 Metals in Singing Bowls

Singing Bowls are made using 7 key metals: Brass, Copper, Alloy, Iron, Silver, Goldand Tin. It is comprised of the seven metals representing 7 different planetary influences:
* Gold = the sun
* Silver = the moon
* Mercury = Mercury
* Copper = Venus
* Iron = Mars
* Tin = Jupiter
* Lead = Saturn

Chakra Information
Chakras are centers of energy located on the mid of the body. There are 7 main chakras. Each chakra corresponding to a different life function. They are generally known as:

1St Chakra (Root/Red)-Grounded ,self existence
2nd Chakra (Sacral/orange) – creative
3rd Chakra (Solar Plexus/yellow) – power
4th Chakra (Heart/green) – love
5th Chakra (Throat/blue) – expression
6th Chakra (3rd Eye/indigo) – intuition
7th Chakra (Crown/violet) – spiritual connection
The Chakra System is very interesting; because it reflects the vibration level of you … both your inner and outer worlds. When chakra energy is balanced, it is reflected in a more balanced life physically, emotionally & spiritually. Each chakra also corresponds to a different body area, neural network, organ system, vibration, color – and a different musical note or frequency:
1st Chakra – Note C – skeletal/spine
2nd Chakra – Note D – reproduction/bladder
3rd Chakra – Note E – stomach/liver
4th Chakra – Note F – heart/circulation
5th Chakra – Note G – lungs/throat
6th Chakra – Note A – sinus/lower brain
7th Chakra – Note B – nerves/upper brain
Everything vibrates … and where there is vibration … there is sound. Every atom, molecule, cell, gland and organ of the human body absorbs and emits sound and has a ‘vibration signature’ which reflects your emotional and physical health.

Welcome to Khusi Inc. registered Trade Company in California USA .We serve authentic Nepali handicraft craft all over the world .Our all the collection are crafted in Nepal by traditional craftsmanship. We believe in our karma ,our social and environmental responsibility. These are characteristic of our overall operation. We take pride in all our products and it is our utmost priority to guarantee your satisfaction with our arduous efforts. (Your Experience well determine our KARMA)


Greeting from the heart of Himalaya.

Thank You!
(Khusi family)


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