7" Hand-Hammered & Hand-Carved Tibetan Singing Bowl for Meditation

Submit yourself to the profound healing properties of our 7” Hand-Hammered and hand-carved Tibetan Singing Bowl, meticulously crafted through traditional Himalayan methods. 


  • Each bowl, selected by our professional healing master, emanates powerful and enduring sounds, carrying a rich history. 
  • The highest lamas used these bowls for forbidden rituals, adding mystique to their significance.
  • A special hand-engraved Meditation Buddha “OM mane padhme hum” Mantra.
  • The set includes a Pencil Grip wooden mallet for harmonic resonance, a silk hand-sewn cushion for the play session, and a beautiful 3-hand-sewn silk carry bag with loops for easy transport.
  • Each chakra, from Root to Crown, aligns with specific life functions, reflecting inner and outer vibrational levels.


  • Seven Metal Significance: Crafted from brass, copper, alloy, iron, silver, gold, and tin, it symbolizes planetary influences and ensures holistic well-being.
  • Chakra Balancing: The singing bowl aids in balancing chakras, promoting harmony in physical, emotional, and spiritual aspects.


  • Learning Time: Mastering the harmonic resonance may require practice for those new to singing bowls.
  • Size Consideration: The 7-inch size may be more significant for users seeking a more compact singing bowl.

Our Hand-Hammered and hand-carved Tibetan Singing Bowl echoes the rich traditions of the Himalayas and offers a gateway to spiritual well-being.

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