7.5” Hand hammered Tibetan Singing Bowl Set Mallet and Silk Cushion

Tibetan Singing Bowl Set | Handmade 7.5” inches Buddha Carved Antique Tibetan Singing Bowl | With Wooden Mallet and Silk Cushion | Promotes Peace and Chakra Healing | Meditation Bowl | Music Therapy
• Includes Bronze tone 7.5" Singing Bowl with sound craftsmanship, Easy-Play Wooden Mallet, Hand Sewn Non-Dampening Pillow (pillow COLOR & PATTERNS may vary). Play your Singing bowl with EASE and create a LONG LASTING harmony with our simple yet elegant designs.
• A piece of art ~ the bowel is a piece of art than just a singing bowl. Beautifully hand carving Tibetan Buddha (vairochana Buddha ) lotus on bottom and mantra and Buddhist auspicious symbol carved outside of the bowl .it’s looks a more artistic piece of metal craftsmanship. precious collection.
• “This Singing Bowl is my partner for meditation” “The sound, this deep vibrations cannot be any more soothing.” ~ The bowl’s magnificent sound, exquisite looks, and deep ambiances grip you with deepening simplicity and calmness.
• Handy and convenient size gives you a range of options. You can enjoy it anywhere, at home or in the office. Fits in perfectly for yoga and meditation sessions. Sings with equally impressive pure layered tones and precision as compared to its bigger counterparts across Tibet.
• Hand hammered and crafted by Nepalese artisans and devotee. Beautiful mallet, perfectly sized to produce enchanting sounds that still the mind. Especially hand-sewn designer cushion showcases bowl while stabilizing the vital tones.
• Each Singing bowl is hand selected and inspected by the healer to ensure quality. Carefully and securely packaged prior to shipping. Comes with special hand swing silk brocade 3 layer permanent carry bag. YOU LOVE IT.


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