KHÜSI INC. ~ 6” Antique Hand-hammered Tibetan Singing bowl ~ Meditation Kit for Chakra Healing and ZEN ~ Hand-made Percussion ~ Gift Set.


  • 6” ANTIQUE Genuine TIBETAN SINGING BOWL Hand-made & Hand-hammered by Handicraft experts as a gift from the lap of HIMALAYAS of Nepal.
  • The Singing Bowl set includes PENCIL-GRIP mallet for easy playing and cotton cushion for your singing bowl during Playing Session for positioning purpose. And comes in hand-sewn beautiful cotton box as a gift wrapper.
  • Perfect Meditation kit to practice MINDFULNESS, ZEN, CHAKRA Healing and soothing stress-relief instrument for all age groups.
  • ANTIQUE Design of the bowl also serves as decorative to your living space. Also, It could be a perfect SPIRITUAL GIFT for your loved ones.
  • Hand-selected and professionally tested for sound and Quality Assurance. Encased in KHüSI INC. Standard Packing.


This is an authentic Hand-made and Tibetan Singing Bowl Hand-hammered by professional Singing bowl makers of Nepal. The size of the bowl is 10” in diameter and makes the surrounding ambiance with its resonating sound even on single strike. The material used in singing bowl is made up of alloy of seven auspicious metals including silver, gold, mercury, etc. representing seven different astronomical bodies for each of the metal included.

The sound of the singing bowl is used in healing process and practiced for centuries in Buddhism. Tibetan Singing Bowl is used in ZEN practice to retain mindfulness and cultivate positive energy in the system. It is also exercised in Chakra Healing and balancing of Chakras. Being perfect meditation kit, the bowl also helps in stress-relief and provides mental calmness to depressed or anxious mind.

The set include PENCIL-GRIP mallet to provide easy handling over the mallet and a silk cushion for placing the bowl during play session. We have also included a gong stick to give you the variation in experiencing singing bowl. You can just strike the bowl with gong stick and listen to its long-lasting sound. This set is then wrapped inside beautiful hand-sewn three-layered protective silk box with as a gift wrapper. With its carrier-handle, you could use the box to carry the singing bowl and bring your favorite instrument along.

The bowl is hammered in such-a-way to give an ANTIQUE touch. With its fine finishing and beautiful look it is undeniably a precious spiritual gift for your friends and families. Also, this beautiful bowl can be used as living room decorative to enhance the beauty and ambience in the living space.

The gift comes in KHüSI INC. standard packing directly from the lap of Himalayas. You are provided with user manual on how to play and the precautions you should take in handling the singing bowl.

Note : All our products are hand-selected and tested by professionals for sound and quality assurance.

Diameter: 6 inch 
Height : 3 inch 
Weight : 0.65 kg(only bowl) (1.74 kg with striker and cushion)


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