10 Inch Handetched Buddha Tibetan Singing Bowl with Mantra and Symbol

0ur 10-inch Hand-etched Buddha Tibetan Singing Bowl, a masterpiece of art and spirituality. 


  • Hand-carved Buddha and mantra, blending ancient wisdom.
  • It is hand-made in Nepal, incorporating a rich cultural heritage.
  • The set includes a PENCIL-GRIP mallet for easy playing and a silk cushion for comfortable positioning during your playing session. 
  • It is presented in a hand-sewn beautiful cotton box and doubles as a thoughtful gift wrapper.
  • The bowl has a diameter of 10 inches, a height of 4.5 inches, and weighs 2.1 kg (or 2.805 kg with striker and cushion). 
  • It is Hand-selected and professionally tested for sound quality.
  • The bowl is encased in KHÜSI INC. Standard Packing ensures a premium and authentic experience.


  • Buddha Carving: The hand-carved Buddha adds a spiritual focal point, fostering a sense of tranquility during meditation.
  • Artistic Gift Packaging: The beautiful hand-sewn cotton box protects the bowl and is an exquisite gift wrapper.
  • Versatile Use: Suitable for practicing MINDFULNESS, ZEN, Chakra Healing, and stress-relief activities.


  • Size and Weight: The 10-inch size and 2.1 kg weight may be a consideration for users seeking a more compact and lightweight option.
  • Decorative Purpose: The antique design may not resonate if you like a minimalist or modern aesthetic.
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