11.5" Handmade Buddha Carved Tibetan Singing Bowl For Zen & Meditation

Product Specification:
Weight: 2.2 kilograms (approximately)
Diameter: 11.5 inches
Height: 5 inches
Uses: meditation, yoga, relaxation, sound therapy, healing and health treatment

Set Includes: 1 set of Tibetan Singing Bowl, 1 mallet ,1 gong stick, 1 silk cushion(everything as in picture)

Product Description:

Piece of art: - This beautiful handmade Tibetan Singing Bowl have outstanding hand engrave meditation Buddha inside, outside have same gently engraved Pancha Buddha and at the bottom is Dorje engraved. Precious collection for lifetime.

Divine Sound bowl:- The Tibetan Singing Bowl splendid sound, attractive looks and deep ambiances gives you with deepening simplicity and peace. The Tibetan Singing Bowl makes two distinct sounds, a thick humming like vibration and a thin melodious ting which goes perfect for peaceful meditation. The mystic sound wave produced by this Singing Bowl will make your mind floating along with the calm and serene tunes of the bowl. you can enjoy it anywhere , at home or office fits in perfectly for yoga and meditation sessions. The bowl hums with pure layered toned and precision as impressive as its much digger counterparts across Tibet.

Hand hammered and crafted by Nepali metal craft artisans by traditional Tibetan Singing Bowl making technique .Beautiful Mallet perfectly sized to produce enchanting sounds that still the mind. especially hand sewn designer cushion showcases bowl while stabilization the vital tones

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