11.5" Handmade Buddha Carved Tibetan Singing Bowl For Zen & Meditation

Our 11.5” Hand-made Buddha-Carved Tibetan Singing Bowl is meticulously crafted with an outstanding hand-engraved meditation Buddha inside.


  • The exterior features a gently engraved Pancha Buddha, and the bottom showcases an engraved Dorje—an exquisite piece for a lifetime collection.
  • Splendid sound, attractive looks, and deep ambiance. 
  • It produces two distinct sounds—a thick humming vibration and a thin melodious ting—perfect for peaceful meditation. 
  • It seamlessly fits into your yoga and meditation sessions, resonating with pure layered tones and precision comparable to its larger counterparts across Tibet.
  • The set includes a beautiful mallet perfectly sized to produce enchanting sounds that still the mind. The hand-sewn designer cushion showcases the bowl while stabilizing vital tones.


  • Spiritual Engravings: Featuring a meditation Buddha, Pancha Buddha, and Dorje engravings, adding a spiritual and aesthetic dimension.
  • Complete Set: Comes with a mallet, gong stick, and silk cushion, offering everything you need for a whole singing bowl experience.


  • Weight Consideration: Weighing approximately 2.2 kilograms, it may be heavy for users seeking a lighter option.
  • Size Preference: For those desiring a more compact singing bowl, the 11.5-inch diameter may be larger than expected.

Level up your meditation and Zen practices with the harmonious sounds of our 11.5” Hand-made Buddha-Carved Tibetan Singing Bowl.

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