Handpainted Tibetan Thangka Art of Buddha Vajrashatwa with 24k Gold

Handpainted Tibetan Thangka Art featuring Buddha Vajrasattva, meticulously crafted by a Lama in Nepal. This genuine masterpiece transcends artistry, adorned with 24k gold detailing for a radiant and spiritual ambiance. 


  • Spiritual Significance: Vajrasattva, depicted in white, sits in a crossed-legged posture, holding a vajra in his right hand and a bell in his left, symbolizing purification. 
  • Originality and Longevity: This Thangka is a genuine Tibetan masterpiece using mineral and organic pigments, offering a natural divine beauty with long-lasting artistic value. The gold finish enhances its authenticity.


  • Positive Vibes: Ideal for house decoration, this Thangka radiates positive energy, fostering spiritual growth and harmony in your living space.
  • Unique Gift: A remarkable and meaningful gift, this Thangka Art symbolizes spiritual well-being, making it a cherished present for any occasion.
  • Authentic Craftsmanship: Crafted by a Lama, this Thangka reflects traditional Tibetan artistry, adding an original touch to your spiritual decor.


  • Specific Size: The Thangka comes in one size (45x60 cm), and customers should consider their available space before purchasing.
  • Handle with Care: Due to the soft nature of the 24k gold detailing, gentle handling is advised to preserve the integrity and beauty of the Thangka.
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