Carole and Turquoise Tibetan Prayer Wheel for your wall

Our 20 cm Tall Wall Prayer Wheel is a divine masterpiece crafted by Nepalese artisans and designed for an enchanting wall display. 


  • Materials: Crafted with precision using brass and copper, embellished with natural stone Carole and torques, creating an exquisite fusion of traditional artistry and natural elements.
  • Design: Meticulous hand-carving showcases the mantra “OM MANI PADME HUM” and 8 Tibetan lucky symbols, complemented by the brilliance of gems, Carole, and torques.
  • Dimensions: Standing 20 cm tall and 20 cm wide, this wall prayer wheel symbolizes intricate craftsmanship.
  • Spiritual Connection: Filled with 1008 Tibetan Buddhist mantras, it serves as a Zen instrument to promote compassion, wisdom, and merits while purifying negativity.
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  • Artistic Brilliance: Fusion of natural gems, Carole, torques, and traditional carvings.
  • Positive Vibes: The prayer wheel, adorned with mantras and symbols, promotes positivity and clears negative aspects.


  • Manual Operation: Requires manual rotation for meditative benefits, aligning with traditional practices, but may not suit everyone’s preferences.
  • Weight Consideration: Weighing 755 grams may require sturdy hanging support for optimal display.
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