Singing bowl set of 7, Hand Carved

KHUSI Seven Chakra Hand Carving Singing Bowl Set 7 perfectly blends beautiful art and calming sounds for a better meditation experience.


  • Seven Beautiful Bowls are made in different sizes for a balanced feeling.
  • It is carved with symbols and artistic designs for a special touch.
  • The set has three wooden strikers and seven silk cushions for a complete experience.
  • With a three-layered silk bag, you can take your set anywhere.
  • The bowls are simple to play and create a soothing sound.


  • Versatile Use: Great for meditation, relaxation, and healing.
  • Trusted by Professionals: Used by health experts, teachers, musicians, and spiritual guides.
  • Authentically Crafted: Each bowl is hand-made in Nepal.
  • Money-Back Guarantee: We are so sure you will love it. However, we also offer a 30-day money-back guarantee.


  • Slight Differences: The bowls might have tiny variations since they are hand-made.
  • Weighty Set: Carrying all seven bowls might be a bit heavy.
  • Sound Intensity: The rich sound might be too intense for those who prefer gentler tones.

Immerse yourself in the calming vibes of the KHUSI Singing Bowl Set, backed by our 30-day money-back guarantee. Let the soothing sounds guide you to a more peaceful and spiritual state.

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