9 Inch Mandala Base Tibetan Singing Bowl Meditation kit

Embark on a journey of serenity and mindfulness with our 9-inch Mandala Base Tibetan Singing Bowl Meditation Kit.


  • Our 9-inch Mandala Base Tibetan Singing Bowl is meticulously hand-made and hand-hammered in the Himalayas of Nepal. 
  • Professionally crafted with exquisite hand-etched Mantra carvings and adorned with symbolic Mandalas, delivering a piece of true artistry.
  • This singing bowl is the perfect meditation kit, ideal for chakra healing, sound healing, and Zen practice. 
  • Widely recognized as an effective instrument for stress relief and relaxation. 
  • The set includes a pencil grip mallet for easy playing and a beautiful silk cushion for bowl placement, and it comes elegantly wrapped in a hand-sewn silk box with a convenient carrier handle.
  • All our products undergo meticulous hand-selection and professional testing to ensure superior sound quality and craftsmanship. 
  • Each set is packaged in the KHUSI INC. standard packing.


  • Austamangal Symbols: Adorned with eight auspicious symbols of Buddhism (Austamangal) on the outside rim, signifying enlightened mind-stream qualities.
  • Portable Meditation Kit: Comes in a beautifully designed hand-sewn silk cushion with three protective layers and a carrier handle for easy transportation.


  • As a giant bowl, it may be heavier for users seeking a more lightweight option.
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