9 Inch Mandala Base Tibetan Singing Bowl Meditation kit

  • Genuine Hand-made & Hand-hammered 9” TIBETAN SINGING BOWL Professionally crafted with Hand- etched Mantra Carvings and beautifully decorated with SYMBOLS of BUDDHISM delivering from the HIMALAYAS of Nepal.
  • Set includes PENCIL-GRIP mallet, beautiful silk CUSHION and comes wrapped in hand-sewn SILK-BOX with carrier handle.
  • Ideal SPIRITUAL GIFT for your loved ones and also serves as a beautiful living room decor to enhance ambience of living space.
  • All our products are Hand-selected and tested by professionals for sound and Quality Assurance. Comes in KHUSI INC. Standard packing.


The Genuine Hand-made Tibetan Singing Bowl is hand-hammered and designed by professionals in Nepal. The bowl is beautifully crafted with Hand-etched Mantra carving with MANDALA base. The six syllable “Om Mane Padme Hum” is ambient around and inside of the bowl meaning “All hail the jewels in the lotus”. Associated with compassion, it is said contemplating and meditating on the phrase, one can experience the state of serenity with pure elevated body, speech and mind of Buddha.

The bowl on its outside rim is designed with eight auspicious symbols of Buddhism AUSTAMANGAL which points to qualities of enlightened mind-stream. And the base of the bowl has intricate Mandala, representing Universe making it a complete Meditation Kit.

Tibetan Singing bowl is an ideal meditation kit for practicing ZEN, to keep mindfulness and is used in Chakra Healing and balancing of energy in the body. Singing bowl also serves as stress-relief instrument. The sound coming from Singing bowl calms your mind and body transmute and fills it with positive energy.

This set of gift includes a PENCIL-GRIP leather mallet for easy-playing. You can simply rub the bowl uniformly with leather portion in clockwise or anti-clockwise direction to experience the beautiful resonance and meditate. The authentic Tibetan Singing Bowl produces double resonating sound on a single strike of the mallet and you can also give a strike on the surface of the bowl and meditate on long-lasting tone. Also, there is silk cushion included in the set for placing of the bowl during your play session to avoid disturbance.

They are all wrapped in beautifully designed hand-sewn silk cushion with three layer protective layers and a carrier handle. So, your meditation kit will travel along you everywhere.And all our products are hand-selected and tested by professional before delivering it to you for sound and quality assurance and comes in KHUSI INC. Standard Packing.

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