8” Tiger Antique Tibetan Singing Bowl Hand-made

Experience the enchantment of our Genuine Antique Tibetan Singing Bowl, meticulously crafted by experienced handicraft designers in the Himalayas of Nepal. 


  • An ideal meditation kit for Zen practitioners, aiding in chakra healing and relieving anxiety relief.
  • The set includes a pencil grip mallet for easy play, a gong stick for varied playing experiences, and a silk cushion for gentle placement during your meditation sessions. 
  • The package is elegantly wrapped in a hand-sewn, three-layered protective CARRIER BAG.
  • Rigorously tested product to ensure impeccable sound quality and overall excellence. 
  • The set comes in the reliable KHUSI INC. Standard Packing.


  • Gong sticks allow various playing techniques, offering a different resonance and enhancing meditation sessions.
  • The silk cushion provides a soft foundation for the bowl, ensuring a gentle, undisturbed playing experience during meditation.


  • As an 8” singing bowl, it may be less portable for individuals seeking a compact meditation kit for travel.
  • Some individuals may prefer minimal design or more intricate patterns.

Immerse yourself in the harmonious world of meditation with our Genuine 8” Tiger Antique Tibetan Singing Bowl, a perfect blend of artistic elegance and therapeutic resonance, brought to you by KHUSI INC.

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