8" Authentic Hand etching carved Tibetan Singing bowl

Immerse yourself in the ancient artistry with our 8” Authentic Hand-Etching Carved Tibetan Singing Bowl. Crafted by seasoned artisans in the lap of the Himalayas in Nepal, this genuine Tibetan singing bowl is a testament to timeless craftsmanship.


  • The set includes a pencil grip mallet, a cotton cushion, and a beautifully hand-sewn cotton box.
  • An ideal meditation kit for practicing mindfulness, Zen, and chakra healing.
  • Hand-selected and professionally tested, this Tibetan singing bowl is crafted from an alloy of seven auspicious metals representing celestial bodies, including silver, gold, and mercury. 
  • It resonates with authenticity and quality, encased in the KHÜSI INC. standard packing.


  • The set includes a gong stick, providing a unique variation in experiencing the singing bowl’s long-lasting sound.
  • Detailed User Manual: Along with the singing bowl, you receive a user manual with instructions on how to play and essential precautions.
  • The hand-sewn three-layered protective silk box with a carrier handle ensures secure storage and convenient transportation.


  • With a weight of 1.795 kg (including striker and cushion), users seeking a lighter option may find it relatively heavier.

Welcome to the heart of Himalaya with KHÜSI INC. – Your Experience Determines Our Karma.

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