Yoga Singing Bowl, Meditation Kit for Healing

Mesmerize yourself with the artistry of our Yoga Singing Bowl. It is meticulously crafted in Nepal and boasts Tiger Antique patterns for a unique and striking visual appeal.


  • The set includes a PENCIL-GRIP mallet designed for easy play, a versatile GONG stick, and a luxurious silk CUSHION for the perfect bowl placement during meditation sessions. 
  • This singing bowl is a meditation kit, aiding chakra healing and energy cleansing. 
  • It is crafted with an alloy of seven auspicious metals, including gold, brass, and mercury, symbolizing seven astral bodies. 
  • Hand-selected and tested by professionals to ensure impeccable sound quality. 


  • Tiger Antique Patterns: The beautifully worked Tiger Antique patterns add a distinctive touch, making each singing bowl a unique piece of art.
  • Versatile Playing Experience: The set includes a GONG stick for a varied and enriched sound experience, providing a different resonance during meditation.


  • Size Consideration: Individuals seeking a portable singing bowl may find it less convenient for travel due to its larger size.
  • Artistic Preference: While the Tiger Antique patterns are unique, some may prefer a simple pattern
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