Tibetan incense burner with holder

Tibetan Incense Burner is a handmade masterpiece that blends artistry with spirituality.


  • Material: Meticulously handcrafted using copper and brass, ensuring durability and a vintage aesthetic.
  • Design: Embellished with eight auspicious Buddhist symbols, a Dharma wheel, and a deer, creating a visually stunning and spiritually meaningful piece.
  • Dimensions: Length - 10” Inches / 25 Cm, Width - 3” Inches / 2.75 Cm, Weight - 700 Gram, providing a substantial and stable presence.
  • Functionality: Two incense holder pins and a small slit for ash, with strategically designed tiny holes that allow the subtle fragrance to waft gently.


  • Artistic Design: A unique blend of vintage copper craftsmanship and spiritual symbolism.
  • Functional Features: Dual incense holders and ash slit cater to practical usage.
  • Symbolic Significance: Embodies peace and harmony through auspicious symbols and meaningful design.


  • Weight: The substantial weight (700 grams) may limit portability for some users.
  • Metal Heat: Copper and brass may heat up during prolonged use; caution is advised.
  • Vintage Appearance: The vintage aesthetic may not align with every decor style.
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