Pure Cashmere Scarf

Material : 100% Pure cashmere
Design  : Knitting
Thread count : 200/2
Weight  : 100 gm
Size      : 28x80 inch
Origin   : Nepal

The Handwoven Cashmere Scarf or Pashmina Shawl is made of naturally extracted Cashmere Fabric in Himalayas of Nepal. Our Cashmere Products are delicately woven by hands of Nepalese Women to meet your touch and satisfaction. This Pure extracted Mountain Cashmere Fabric Pashmina looks classy with its gentle sheen.

Pure Cashmere well renowned for its elegance is a Luxurious Fashion Apparel. The stylish and sensational scarf will spice up your appearance and goes with casual as well as grand and formal outfits. Pashmina being rare naturally derived clothing material is your choice in luxury and eco-wellness .
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