8.5” Hand Engrave Ganesh ,OM and mantra Tibetan healing Singing bowl

Singing bowls specification
Name :- Etching carved Tibetan handmade singing bowl
Size :- 8.5 inch diameter 4 inch height approximately
Weight :-1.25 kg approximately
Used :- meditation, yoga, relaxation, sound therapy , healing and treatment
Origin :- Nepal
Included in set:- 1 Strike ,1 singing bowl, 1 handmade silk cushion packed as a gift set.

This Divine handmade Tibetan singing bowl is the piece of art rather than just a sound bowl. The bowl has beautiful hand carved Ganesh and Divine hindu mantras inside, outside surrounded with hand carved Tibetan mantras and symbol, at the bottom of the bowl havs beautiful OM engraved .
As a handmade singing bowl has long Meditative resonance, at a single strike, the bowl makes two different resonance which makes frame less for our mind and vibration recharges our organ cells .This bowl is also known as master healing bowl or Himalayan bowl.
The high resonance of this traditional Zen Tibetan singing bowl balances your chakras, relaxes your mind and body, and relieves stress; ideal for yoga training and Prayer for Peace of Mind. Its pure sonic waves and healing properties promote complete relaxation, relief from pain and depression while proven to be beneficial for people suffering from various types of diseases.It could be a precious collection for you lifetime enjoyment.

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