10” Tiger Antique Hand-hammered Tibetan Singing Bowl ~ Meditation Kit for Chakra Healing and ZEN ~ Hand-made Percussion ~ Gift Set.


  • AUTHENTIC 10” Antique Tibetan Singing Bowl Hand-made and Hand-Hammered in Nepal by Singing Bowl Artisan. Gorgeously worked upon to attain Tiger Antique patterns.
  • Includes PENCIL-GRIP mallet for easy playing, a GONG stick and beautiful silk CUSHION for placing of the bowl. And comes in hand-sewn SILK-BOX as perfect gift wrapper.
  • Meditation Kit for CHAKRA HEALING and ENERGY BALANCING. Helps to Practice ZEN and keep MINDFULNESS and an Ideal STRESS-RELIEF instrument.
  • All our products are Hand-selected and tested by professionals for sound and QUALITY ASSURANCE. The gift comes in Standard KHUSI INC. packing.


This is 10” AUTHENTIC Hand-made and Hand-hammered Tiger Antique Tibetan Singing Bowl from the lap of Himalayas of Nepal. A pure art work done by dedicated and experienced Artisan to deliver the pure Tibetan Singing Bowl experience to our clients worldwide.

The Tibetan Singing Bowl is made with alloy of seven different auspicious metals including gold, brass, mercury, etc. representing seven astral bodies. This bowl is an Ideal Meditation Kit and used for centuries in Buddhism for Meditation, ZEN Practice and Mindfulness teachings. It is also widely used for CHAKRA-HEALING and Energy Balancing and to provide stress-relief. The Use of Singing Bowl also helps to calm Anxious and depressed mind and create a frame-less mental state. 

This Set of Tibetan Singing Bowl includes PENCIL-GRIP mallet for easy play which is crafted in such a way to maintain continuous resonance and to prevent it from making a slight scratch on the bowl surface. We also provide a GONG stick to give you variation in experiencing the sound of Tibetan Singing Bowl. With the Gong Stick you can just give a strike on the bowl and meditate on double resonating sound which will last for long period.

Also, we have included a soft silk CUSHION in the gift set for placing the bowl in your playing session. With the cushion, you can easily place and play the Singing Bowl without any disturbance and gives beautiful resonance to keep you calm and connected. And this set comes in hand-sewn beautifully designed SILK-BOX with carrier handle which can be used as a bag for your singing bowl. With this box, your meditation kit will be with you any place anywhere you travel.

This Tibetan Singing bowl could be an Ideal spiritual gifts for your loved ones. With its antique property and design. The Tibetan Singing Bowl also serves as a beautiful living room decorative to enhance the environment with ambience.

All our products are hand-selected and Tibetan Singing Bowl are tested by professionals for sound and quality assurance and is authentic gift brought to you by KHUSI INC. from the land of Himalayas.

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