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Khusi Empowers

Khusi, a literal translation from Sanskrit means Happiness, and we have made it our purpose to spread happiness through our products to all the lives it touches. We believe happiness is a concept of singularity, where one and one make a whole. When all the happiness in the world comes together, it connects and builds up to make the entire world a lot happier place. More happiness, the merrier the world. So, we at Khusi started to cultivate happiness starting from our family.
The product that you have in your hand or one that you are planning to have from us is purely handmade in Nepal. The skillful hands that shaped them into a gift for you or your loved ones, those hands have been true blessings for their families and their loved ones as well.
Our team consists of women who chose to go out to the world and claim a better world for themselves. The opportunities they have been denied never became a reason for them to settle for less in life. The dreams to have better food on the table for their family, and a better school for their children were never shaken.  Khusi has become the hope for the dreams of many women who thought they deserve more from life than what they were provided with. Khusi is a source of happiness for those who are willing to make society a better place by imagining a better future for their children and their family.
Khusi Empowers is an initiative that looks for women who come from economically deprived families and are willing to learn new skills to make a living for themselves. The main purpose of the initiative is to provide skill-learning opportunities to people coming from underprivileged backgrounds. We at Khusi believe in uplifting one life will impact the lives of others that are connected. To bring change in everyday life and provide a quality of life to women who are struggling for the fulfilment of their basic regular needs is our motivation.
Khusi is delighted with dreams coming to life within our family. We are blessed to have the environment for opportunities. Women who never stepped on the yard of school are now able to see their children in the school playgrounds. And women who were married early without their knowledge are now making their own life decisions. With the help of the Khusi Empowers initiative, we are proud to fuel their dream of happy living and creating a better future.
Khusi Empowers is funded with 20% revenue from every sold product. The amount is solely invested in creating a group of independent women who have the courage to dream. This initiative is brought in order to promote gender equality and women empowerment in the societies of Nepal. This small initiative is changing lives, cultivating hopes, and spreading happiness. And we believe, things built with happiness can serve happiness.