Handpainted Tibetan Thangka Art of Buddha Vajrashatwa with 24k Gold

Genuine Tibetan Master piece Thangka Painting Art - All Original, 100% Hand Painted 24k gold
• Art by Lama in Nepal. Vantage collection .
• Mineral and Organic Pigments; A Real Divine Beauty with Long Lasting Artistic Value.
• Highly Professional in Compositions, Details and 24k gold Finished .
• Outstanding looks ,idol for gift , house decoration for positive vibes .
• Every painting is nicely packed inside a strong non bondable paper tube.

Vajrasattva is one of the supreme deity in Buddhism, most importantly in Vajrayana Buddhism and is venerated to eliminate spiritual impurities or purification. He is represented in two forms, single and yabyum. He is usually white in color and sits crossed legged holding a bajra in his right hand with palm upward against his chest and a bell in his left resting on his lap.

An original thangka is painted using the coloring of gemstones and is finished with gold. It’s believed that the minerals used to create the painting also give them life. Each master pace painting takes months to complete and the eyes are painted on last since they are believed to be the way into the soul. Once the gods receive their eyes, the painting goes from being an object to being alive and therefore is treated with the utmost respect.
After the completion of the painting, a ritual takes place where the temple priests perform a day long ceremony while chanting different mantras relating to the god being depicted. The painting offers the most benefits if a few rules are followed once the painting is placed within the house. The more someone is able to please the god, the more powerful the thangka.


Product Name :- Vajrasattva Hand panting thangka art.
Size :- 45x60 Cm
Origin :- Nepal.
Weight :- 150 grm. approximately

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