11" Handcrafted Gemstones Tibetan Prayer Wheel for Table | Home Decor | Spritual Ambience

Product Description:
• This is genuine Tibetan Prayer Wheel Hand-made and beautifully Hand-Carved by artisans of Nepal.

• Made of Copper and Brass as core metals, The Tibetan Prayer Wheel is decorated with Turquoise as body stone for the wheel, Coral and Lapis are decoratively affixed for spiritual healing.

• The Tibetan Prayer Wheel is 11.5 Inch in height and weighs about 650 grams (1.4 lbs.).

• This Table Tibetan Prayer Wheel is hand-carved with mantra “OM MANI PADME HUM” and infinite life-line symbol of Buddhism.

• Makes a perfect table decor to create Zen space in your office or working table. And also serves as spiritual as well meaningful decorative gift to your loved ones.

• Comes in KHUSI INC. Standard Package. Beautiful handmade lock paper gift box .

About Product:

The Tibetan Prayer Wheel is Zen instrument practiced in Buddhism to promote compassion, wisdom and merits and to purify negativity. This Zen instrument has been in practice from around 400 C.E. and is physical manifestation of the phrase “turning the Dharma wheel”. Turning the Dharma Wheel, or setting it in motion, is poetic way to describe the Buddha’s teaching of the dharma.

Inside of the Tibetan Prayer Wheel is filled with scroll of mantras written thousands of times. The scroll is coiled around a rotating central spindle. And it is believed in Buddhism, if you rotate the Prayer Wheel keeping the center of your being in concord peace, the rotating wheel gives you the meditative result of chanting the mantra several thousand times in single spin.

This 5.5” Table Tibetan Prayer Wheel is hand-made by professionals and with detailed hand-carving makes it a perfect table decorative. The prayer wheel is carved with Buddhism Mantra “OM MANI PADME HUM” which in translation becomes “All hail to the jewels in the lotus”. This finely crafted Tibetan Prayer wheel is decorated with healing stones like Coral, Turquoise and Lapis.

Turquoise is the major stone used in making of this prayer wheel. They are strong stone of spiritual attunement and are very effective to aid communication, and help to balance your male and female aspects. Also this Tibetan Prayer Wheel is affixed with Red Coral which is a gem stone that has a meaning and properties of prosperity and vitalizing life energy. This Red stone is used to enhance creativity and swipe away sluggishness. Lapis Lazuli is a powerful blue stone related to awakening. This special gemstone has a history of being worn by Royal families to sympathize with the soul and form balance in mind. The stone helps to stimulate the intellectual ability and stimulates the desire for knowledge truth and understanding.

With this Tibetan Prayer Wheel, you can create a Zen space in office or your working table. The Tibetan Prayer Wheel in our table promotes positive and prosperous energy and clears the negative aspects from the surrounding. And it helps you keep focused and balanced. Also, could be perfect spiritual gifts for your loved ones to send positive vibes with love, peace and tranquility.


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