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Tibetan Singing Bowl & Healing Process

Tibetan Singing Bowl Healing Process

Narayan Shrestha |

Tibetan Singing Bowl is a hand percussion instrument made of alloys of seven auspicious metals. All the seven metals used in making resembles seven various planetary bodies. The seven metals and their planetary associations feature profoundly in alchemical symbolism. Also known as healing bowls, Tibetan Singing Bowl has been practiced in Buddhism to heal the body and mind and practice meditation for ages.

How Tibetan singing bowl helps in healing process

The Use of Tibetan Sound Therapy Singing Bowl can be traced back to Asia as early as 2500 B.C. The Genuine Singing Bowl are hand-hammered and beautifully crafted by artisans. The peaceful and ambient sound of Singing Bowl resonates with the vibration of your body. The sound helps to fill the surrounding with positive energy to create mindful meditative environment.

Practiced as mediation kit, Tibetan Singing Bowl is percussion instrument releases healing sound which helps in stress-relief and relaxation. It also helps in reducing anxiety and eliminates unwanted tension. Tibetan Singing Bowls are exercised in Zen discipline to acquire mindfulness. These healing bowls also increases mental and emotional awareness and promotes happiness and wellness.

The vibrations of singing bowls stimulate the body to recreate its own harmonic frequency and help produce the alpha waves that are present in the brain in deep relaxation.

Also, there is a link between bowls and the Ayurvedic approach of music therapy and Ayurveda medical care (fusion of neurons and mental aspects). In this context, Tibetan Singing Bowl should be used to restore the loss of minerals and metal (Iron) in the body.

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