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There are energy centers in out body which generates and regulates the energy necessary for creating life force. These energy centers are known as Chakras and there are 7 Chakras assigned to different life forces and functionalities. Chakras translated as wheel in Sanskrit says the Chakra System is perpetually in motion along the human body’s spinal column.

All 7 Chakras are assigned with distinct color and plays role in building life energy. Assigned to seven different points, 7 Chakras reflects the vibrational level of our body. The Seven Chakras are aligned from the base of the spine to the crown of the head and each are indicated by the corresponding chakra color.

The First Chakra : Root Charka

Root Chakra known as Mooladhara is the origin of the source of energy in human body. It is located at the base of the spine. This Chakra gives the feeling of self-existence. The Root Chakra connect us to our origin and keeps us grounded. This is the first of chakra in the 7 Chakras wheel to create a flow of energy.  

Related to survival and grounding, the first chakra's inner state is stillness and stability. The Root Chakra is represented with color Red and planets related to this chakra are Earth and Saturn. The bija Mantra for the Chakra is 'Lam'. Repeating the bija mantra helps you get in meditative state or playing the tuned instruments helps you get in touch with the chakra.

The Root Chakra when balanced gives you confident and makes every moment filled with energy and joy. The balanced root chakra creates flow of good energy in your body and helps you attain the your self existence. Also, it plays a role in establishing security and stimulates our instinctual tendencies.

The Second Chakra : Sacral Chakra

Sacral Chakra is the second chakra among 7 Chakras in our body. It is located near lower abdomen, about couple inches below the navel. Also known as Swadisthana chakra, it is the energy center for expressing of where the self is established.

The Sacral Chakra is related to ones creativity and sexuality.
Represented with orange color, this chakra is also related to emotions and feeling. The celestial body of this chakra is the Moon. 'Vam' is the seed syllable for the Sacral Chakra.

The balanced sacral chakra provides sexual pleasure and keeps you powerful mentally and physically. The Balancing of Sacral Chakra generates enthusiasm and builds stronger relationships. It clears your sexual instincts and makes your expressive. The balanced Sacral chakra removes all the attachments and manifests a feeling of your self-abundance.

The Third Chakra : Solar-Plexus Chakra

Solar Plexus Chakra is the third Chakra in chakra symmetry. Located in solar plexus area this chakra is named after its place of origin. The original name or its Sanskrit name is 'Manipura' meaning the place of jewel. This Chakra is attached with Pancreas and governs metabolism.

Being connected to digestive system, the main function of the third chakra is to help transfer matter into energy to fuel your body. The Solar plexus chakra assigned with yellow color represents the fire elements and its transformative power. The planetary body to this chakra are; Mars and the Sun. This energy center is activated with the syllable 'Ram' and indicates the wisdom of the being.

The balanced Solar Plexus Chakra associates with calming emotions and sharpening the intuitions. It makes you clear and aware of your power and makes you responsible towards your personal decision. If the Chakra Healing for Solar-Plexus Chakra is acquired, your intuition gets clear and your self-esteem grows strong and you will find yourself flowing with the transforming energy of this Chakra System. The clear intuition fills you with wisdom and decorates you with self-confidence and progressive growth.

The Fourth Chakra : Heart Chakra

The fourth primary chakra in the 7 Chakras Symmetry is located in the center of the chest and is called the Heart Chakra. Originally mentioned in Hindu and Buddhist Scriptures as Anahata, translated as "unstruck sound", the first manifestation of Anahata is the occurrence of sounds.

With three chakras beneath and three above, the Heart Chakra is said to bridge earthly and spiritual aspiration. It also symbolizes unision between Feminine and Masculine energy in one's body. The Heart Chakra is associated with the color green and Pink. and represents Air elements. The planet related to this Chakra is Venus and its seed syllable is 'Yam'.

Chakra Balancing for Heart Chakra is important for circulation, heart and thymus. It regulates the circulation, keeps heart balanced and grows immune power in our body. The heart chakra radiates love and compassion. The Heart Chakra governs our Relationships and Chakra Healing will create intimacy in relationships. The balanced Anahata creates oneness and makes you content and compassionate.

The Fifth Chakra : Throat Chakra

Above the Heart Chakra, the fifth chakra is located in the vicinity of the Larynx and commonly known as Throat Chakra. Its original name is 'Vishuddhi' which literal translation means purification of poisons. The Throat Chakra is the center for balancing and purification.

The energy center is purification center where nectar drips and splits into purest form and poison. Represented with Blue color, the Throat Chakra is associated with creativity and self-expression. The celestial body related with this chakra are Moon and Venus. And this chakra is assigned with Air and Water elements.The bija mantra for Throat Chakra is "Hum".

When the Chakra Healing is completed for the Throat Chakra, experiences are transformed into wisdom and clear expression of truth is acquired. Once you attain the Chakra Balance your breathing will be clean and your communication will grow strong. The love of self-expression will grow and your creativity finds a direction to express.

The Sixth Chakra : Third Eye Chakra

Third Eye Chakra is situated on your forehead on the joint of two eyebrows. In Sanskrit Yogic or Buddhist Tantric System, this sixth chakra is known as Ajna Chakra and is the eye for inner sight and center of intuition.

Represented with color Indigo, this is the center where individual consciousness is absorbed into super-consciousness and transcends to Mukti, the Liberation. Neptune, Jupiter and the Moon are associated celestial masses for this chakra. And Air is the element related to Third Eye Chakra. The bija mantra for this energy center is 'Om'. Meditating on the bija mantra helps to open this chakra.

The Balanced Third Eye Chakra allows us to experience intuition, clairvoyance, realization and heightened mental faculties. In the Third Eye Chakra, the past, the present and the future are one. The all vision is carried by some deities in Hinduism and Buddhism. The most sensible Chakra among 7 Chakras Symmetry is the one that needs to be operated most sensibly and should be in tune. You can Heal this Chakra by meditating or simply by Playing Singing Bowl and Healing instruments.

The Seventh Chakra : Crown Chakra

Crown Chakra located at the crown of the head is the final Chakra among 7 Chakras located in ones body. Originally known as Sahasra Chakra, the chakra has thousand petals and means a new beginning. The Crown chakra represents primordial consciousness and human life's transcendental center to the universe.
The Crown Chakra is represented with deep Purple color and white. Mercury and Uranus are the planet associated with this Chakra and the element is Air. The seed syllable to activate the Crown Chakra is 'OM'.

The Balanced Crown Chakra helps to regulate the endocrine system in our body. Our body never gets ill in any circumstances as there is abundant supply of all the requirements to keep the body functioning well on any instance. The Healing of Crown Chakra helps us connect with formless and limitless. The Chakra Balancing creates presence of ecstasy and bliss within ourselves. This Chakra is also associated with the transcendence of our limitations and its opening creates a communion with our higher state of consciousness.


The 7 Chakras system in our body are the energy centers to generate and create life energy. These 7 Chakras if balanced and attuned will create a peaceful life and your decisions towards the life will be based on your consciousness. The Chakra Balancing can be done by meditating on the bija mantra or the seed syllable. For Chakra Healing, you can find 7 Chakra Healing Tibetan Singing Bowlon the collection by Khusi for your ultimate happiness. 

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Chakra is the ultimate centers for our lively processing. Would love to read more descriptive contents. This is informative though. Thanks.

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